The Centre of Nuclear Competencies Kozloduy has been accepted as a full member of European Industrial Alliance on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). The Alliance aims to facilitate and accelerate the development, demonstration, and deployment of SMRs in Europe by the early 2030s. SMRs are recognized as potential  low-carbon energy source and are supported by European institutions and EU member states involved in the development of nuclear energy policy, including and Bulgaria. The policy for the development and integration of SMR is mainly related to the European Net Zero Industry Act, European Parliament report on SMRs role in energy transition and declaration on EU SMR 2030, signed by Commission and stakeholder representatives, confirming their commitment to support SMRs in Europe. SMRs are expected to help respond to the upcoming high demand for clean electricity and high quantities of hydrogen. They can complement conventional nuclear technologies and contribute, next to renewables, to European climate mitigation and sustainability efforts by co-generating low-carbon electricity and heat reliably, consistently, and securely. Alliance brings together industrial actors, social partners, end-users, utilities, research institutes, civil society organisations, financial institutions, policy makers from Member States and other stakeholders with an interest in SMR development, demonstration, and deployment in Europe.

By becoming a member of the European Industrial Alliance for Small Modular Reactors (SMR), The Centre of Nuclear Competencies Kozloduy gets more opportunities to develop tools related to nuclear competence, increase the qualification of its members and support the education and science organisations , as well as building long-term European partnerships.