The U.S.-Bulgarian workshop was held in Sofia between 7-9 May 2024. The forum was attended by experts, scientists and institutional representatives from the nuclear sector. Within the workshop, future development of nuclear energy and various technological options were considered. The focus of the discussions was mainly on small modular reactors (SMR) and storage of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in deep geological repository.  Small modular reactors are recognized as crucial technology in the global energy transition, providing higher flexibility and security of the electricity system. Therefore, the possibilities for the development of this type of technology in Bulgaria were also discussed, as well as the development of expert and technological potential.

The Centre of Nuclear Competencies Kozloduy took part in the workshop with a presentation on “Bulgarian Workforce Development Next Steps”. The working framework of the association was presented, as the main objective of the presentation was the development of workforce in the nuclear sector with a focus on small modular reactors and radioactive waste management and deep geological disposal.